Michael Seyer Channels 80s Pop in Liberating Single ‘I Can’t Dance’: Exclusive


Filipino singer, songwriter and musician, Michael Seyer emerges from the bedroom pop scene with his new single, “I Can’t Dance," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 9) Caroline Records. 

Following two self-released projects, 2016’s Ugly Boy and 2018’s Bad Bonez,  “I Can’t Dance” comes from the singer’s upcoming six track EP, Nostalgia. The track’s soundscape is dreamlike: simultaneously progressive and undeniably reminiscent of 80’s pop. 

“I’ve always wanted to write a dance song,” Seyer, a resident of Gardena, California, tells Billboard. “But I never made one because I felt too introverted and it was only in the back of my mind up until I started binge listening to Japanese city pop. There was also something very liberating about seeing Asian musicians make truly funky, dance music.”

Ignoring the voice inside his head, Seyer moves confidently, “just wilding one step at a time and it’s so damn right.” The lush and layered production, fused with lucid songwriting, effortlessly situates Seyer in his own realm of indie-pop. 

“I couldn’t dance if my life depended on it so writing a dance song felt disingenuous to me,” he continues. “What felt right to myself was writing a dance song about not being able to dance. I hope ‘I Can’t Dance’ can move others, whether they can dance or not, just as city pop made me feel.” 

Dance -- or simply vibe -- to his new single below, and check out the dates for his upcoming tour after the jump. 

Tour dates:
Oct. 31 -- Dallas, TX @ Club Dada # $
Nov. 01 -- Houston, TX @ Satellite Bar #
Nov. 02 -- San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger #
Nov. 03 -- Austin, TX @ Mohawk Indoors #
Nov. 05 -- El Paso, TX @  Lowbrow Palace #
Nov. 06 -- Phoenix, AZ @ Lunchbox #
Nov. 07 -- San Diego, CA @ Voodoo Room #
Nov. 10 -- Long Beach, CA @ Tropicalia Festival
Nov. 23 -- Jakarta, Indonesia @ Lokatara Fest

# with Paul Cherry
$ with Good Morning

Pre-orders for a special Nostalgia EP vinyl are also available here.