Michael Rapaport Blasts Laura Ingraham Over Nipsey Hussle Disrespect


The cycle continues. Despite boasting a sense of ignorance nearly impressive in its sheer magnitude, the reporters over at Fox News continue to offer up takes on hip-hop culture. Yesterday, Laura Ingraham inserted herself into the discourse yet again, taking a moment to have a laugh at Nipsey Hussle in the wake of his murder. While that in itself is utter disrespect, insult was added to injury when YG was mistakenly (or perhaps deliberately) played in the clip. Given that Fox News anti-hip-hop diatribes seldom go unanswered, it didn’t take long for Mike Rapaport to step up via Instagram.

“Laura Ingraham, you horse-faced fu*k you,” begins Rap, in a proper roast. “You big-toothed biatch. You found something funny about the passing of Nipsey Hussle? You found something funny about his memorial? You think it’s funny? You think it’s funny when you wake up in the morning, and a plume of smoke comes out of your vagina? Do you find humor in that? I think it’s funny that you have oversized cow-tooth veneers. I think it’s funny that you laugh at your own bullshit. You’re so pumped up on botox your fu*king face doesn’t move. Call you fu*king plastic surgeon, and get a refund. Your grill is all fu*ked up! Why doesn’t your face move when you laugh at your own bullshit Laura Ingraham, you horse-toothed fuck, you?” 

Perhaps Laura Ingraham ought to follow her own advice, which is to say, “shut up and dribble.” As she once blasted LeBron James for wading into political discourse, it feels hypocritical for her to offer commentary upon a culture she barely – and that’s being generous- understands. Rest in peace Nipsey Hussle.