Michael Jackson’s Kids Quietly Investigating "Leaving Neverland" Accusers: Report


Leaving Neverlandsparked a huge debate surrounding Michael Jackson’s legacy. Many people began to vilify the pop icon while others came to his defense, claiming Wade Robson and James Safechuck are seeking money and fame. The Jackson family has already put the two accusers from Leaving Neverland on blast, claiming that they’re lying, but it looks like Jackson’s children are taking things into their own hands.

According to PageSix, Paris, Blanket, and Prince Jackson have been silently investigating James Safechuck and Wade Robson ahead of filing a lawsuit against the two accusers. The investigation is meant to look into whether Safechuck or Robson was paid for their appearance in the documentary as well as any inconsistencies in their stories. There’s previously been one inconsistency that even the director of Leaving Neverland admitted to. The Jackson kids explained that the documentary impacted their own privacy. “All of these things take away their privacy,” said a source.

Michael Jackson's Kids Quietly Investigating "Leaving Neverland" Accusers: Report
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The lawsuit being prepared by the children is for emotional distress, fraud, slander, and misrepresentation. The kids of the late pop star aren’t looking for monetary gain from the suit but hope that it will prompt an apology from the two. They’re also hoping that Safechuck and Robson will accept “responsibility.” Any money won from the suit will go towards charity.

The investigation is also looking into Robson’s charity that he set up called “Robson Family Fund” through the Hawaii Community Foundation around the time the documentary launched. Robson and his wife were later accused of capitalizing off of the documentary since it wasn’t clear where the funds would go. He later changed the name to  “Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund.” 

A rep for the Jackson kids said, “The three children say that all they want is to preserve their father’s musical legacy. They feel that the ‘documentary’ was one-sided and the two men have made numerous claims that aren’t true. As for the allegations, they believe that per their own investigation and other news sources, money raised by the two men and maybe others has not gone to a charity or to promote anything positive. They want formal answers on the ‘charity’ issue of Mr. Robson and his ‘donation’ and more. They certainly haven’t used their new platform and that is the point. The Jacksons use theirs to help others. It’s the principle, but it’s also possibly illegal and they want answers.”