Michael Irvin Demands Cure For Cancer After Being "Paralyzed" By Scare


Michael Irvin went through a scary patch last week after he admitted himself into the hospital with fears that he might have throat cancer, something that has been diagnosed in his family before. Fortunately for Irvin and the entire football community, the Dallas Cowboys legend is in the clear and was given a clean bill of health. TMZ Sports recently caught up with Irvin and asked him about the whole ordeal. That’s when he insisted that a cure for cancer needs to be found immediately. 

“Think about that. I was paralyzed with fear. And, I just lived with the fear of it,” Irvin explained. “We are too great of a country with the smartest people in the world — we gotta do something to come up with a cure for this.”

Irvin also explained that cancer is the kind of disease that not only affects the person diagnosed but also the people around them. In the end, Irvin is just grateful for all of the support he received.

“Everybody has somebody that’s gone through cancer in their life and they know the way it ravishes a body and ravishes a family and tears it apart,” Irvin said. “I just thank God for all the people that were so kind out there, man. And the prayers, they were answered. And, I’m just so blessed and thankful.”

Thankfully Irvin is safe and sound. We can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the Cowboys this season.