Michael Che Roasts Ebro For His Top 50 Rappers List


On Friday morning, Michael Che and Michelle Wolf went on Hot 97‘s “Ebro in the Morning” to promote “LugerFest: A Night of Butt Slapping”, a comedy event being held at Brooklyn Steel on August 29 in honor of comedian, Kevin Barnett. Barnett passed away in January at the age of 23 due to complications from pancreatitis. 

In the midst of their discussion, Che felt compelled to mention that he was “really hurt” by Ebro’s choices in his list of top 50 rappers that he shared on Tuesday. The Top 50 debate was sparked by The Brew Podcast’s list going viral on Twitter and, unsurprisingly, the HOT 97 hosts decided to weigh in. 

When asked to expand on what precisely made the SNL star so upset about Ebro’s list, Che specified that he felt that LL Cool J (#29) and Chuck D (#45) were ranked far too low, and claimed he would have placed LL Cool J somewhere in the top 20 or 15. He was also baffled by the fact that Ebro omitted Kool G Rap from the list entirely.

When Ebro tried to defend himself by pointing out that he spent three hours handwriting his list – rather than having the ability to revise it on a phone – Che exclaimed, “It took you three hours and you still forgot Kool G Rap?!”. 

Did Che raise some valid points?

Watch their passionate argument at 18:24 in the video below.