Michael Blackson Asks For Extension On 50 Cent Loan: "No Need To #GetTheStrap"


Michael Blackson made quite the mistake when he was out partying with 50 Cent recently. The comedian took a couple of stacks of cash from the rapper to really enjoy his night out but when he woke up the next morning he realized just who he was dealing with. As we’ve posted many times before, 50 is a savage when it comes to those who are late on returning his money as we’ve seen with his past victims such as Bow Wow, Tierra Mari, Rotimi and more. 

Today was initially supposed to be Michael’s due date to return the undisclosed amount of cash and instead of waiting on 50 Cent’s public display of trolling, Michael has publically sent out a statement asking 50 for an extension on his debt. “Hey 2 quarters aka 50 cent I know your money is due today and I don’t want no fucking problem so can you please give me an extension I’m waiting for my Baltimore shows check to clear. Thanks my neega,” he wrote on Twitter. 

Michael even reshared his tweet to Instagram and clarified how he just needs until next Monday to pay off his debt. “I can hand deliver it in person at your pool party in jersey,” he wrote. “Sorry for any inconvenience and no need to #GetTheStrap because if you hit me with a few shells I’ll definitely walk with a limp I only weight 150 pounds my neega.”

50 Cent has yet to respond to Michael’s request.