Miami Pool Parties Just Got Hotter with “Pipa”


Crazy Double has just released debut single “Pipa”. Haven’t heard of them? After hearing the song played on repeat at a poolside party in Miami I needed to find out.  The track had this impossible ability to be played multiple times but derive the same reaction from its listeners – namely to take another shot of tequila and keep dancing. I have not heard such a luring party anthem since LMFAO’s reign over Miami pool parties a few years ago so “Pipa” has been a long-awaited.

Vitaly and Olisa are the artists behind Crazy Double. Fun fact: Vitaly made a HILARIOUS appearance on Britain’s Got Talent where he actually made it to the semi-finals (and solidified himself as a fan favorite). Watch the video for yourself here… trust me, you’ll be thankful that you did. The eclectic nature of duo lead me to become increasingly intrigued with each new fact that I learn. While Vitaly’s history includes playing the accordion on Britain’s Got Talent, Olisa’s is having a track on Michael Jackson’s official tribute album. The ingredients that make up Crazy Double could not be more strange but given that it’s Miami and we revel in the strange I am ready for their inevitable (and welcomed) take over of my pool parties this summer.

Check it out below to get it on your party playlist-

And have a laugh on their Instagram.