Metro Boomin Shatters Dreams: "There Is No ‘Without Warning 2’"


Metro Boomin giveth, Metro Boomin taketh away. Though rumors of a Without Warning 2 have circulated for a minute, largely gaining traction after a few cryptic Tweets (that’s always how it goes down, isn’t it?), it would appear that all the speculation has been in vain. Rather than stringing us along, Metro Boomin emerged from the lab to clear the air, shattering no shortage of dreams in the process.

Metro Boomin Shatters Dreams: "There Is No 'Without Warning 2'"

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

“There is no Without Warning 2 and I’m not even sure where these rumors began,” he writes, via Twitter. “I appreciate everyone’s love for the first album but everything doesn’t need a sequel!” While he’s absolutely not wrong on his closing point, it would certainly be nice to hear him deliver another dose of spooky beats; after all, he has damn near emerged as the modern master of the Dark Banger

Perhaps it’s for the best. Without Warning was an impressive body of work, an arguable high in both Offset and 21’s solo careers. Plus, it boasted some of Metro’s darkest, most sinister production to date. If you look to the horror world, sequels are seldom better than the original. In fact, the mere existence of a sequel can often do more harm than good, especially if they ramp up the addition of “lore.” Bittersweet though the revelation may be, at least we can say that Metro Boomin never lied to us, not even once.