Messiah & Elvis Crespo Join In Sexy Bachata: Watch the 'Salvaje' Video Premiere


Messiah is known as a trap artist. Elvis Crespo is known as a merengue star (though late he’s dabbled in EDM and vallenato). Together, they’ve concocted a sultry, trap-laced bachata, “Salvaje.” Messiah’s upcoming single and video kicks f with Crespo crooning a slow bachata before Messiah joins in, rapping mostly in English.

In the video, the action takes place in an old-fashioned nightclub, with black and white images and switches briefly to color when Messiah comes in and gets the girl. The images are sexy but tasteful, especially when one listens carefully to the naughty sex-game lyrics that will make you sit up in surprise just as you’re getting comfortable with this song.

Check it out!