Mery Racauchi Releases "At 11:11" Visuals


Argentina sensation Mery Racauchi releases visuals for her latest single “At 11:11”, directed by Ezequiel Briffs.

The video displays a charismatic love affair in Times Square with Mery and her beau along with enticing clips of lust and love.

Although the imagery sparks bliss, Mery harmonizes about the volatile relationship and the hell she was put through. She strikes relatable chords of not knowing the man she loves, his bad news vibes, and a slew of broken promises. Moving on is quite difficult especially when the clock strikes 11:11.

Over blends of Pop and electric beats, Mery’s uncanny deliverance is both unforgettable and captivating.  Watch “At 11:11” above and connect with Mery Racauchi on Instagram.

Mery Racauchi Releases "At 11:11" Visuals