Mempho Music Festival Announces 2018 Lineup & Oceanic Global Foundation Partnership


What do Post Malone, Beck, Nas, Juicy J and Janelle Monae have in common? They'll all be joining the lineup the 2018 Mempho Music Fest.

Taking place the weekend Oct. 6-7, the second annual Tennessee-based festival attracts big names and fers multiple live music stages and an interactive dome.

But this isn't your ordinary music festival, thanks to a partnership with Oceanic Global Foundation. OGF is a nonprit that "taps into universal passions art, music and emerging tech to educate individuals on issues impacting our oceans and provide them with solutions for driving positive change."

A side effect this partnership: The festival takes the pledge to go completely straw-free. This is notably the festival's first partnership outside the music realm in an effort to make a change larger than in just the music scene.

Tickets go on sale for the October festival on Friday. Check out the ficial lineup in the post below: