Melvin Gordon Complains About Chargers Fans During IG Live Session: Watch


Los Angeles has never been seen as a great market for sports unless you’re the Lakers or the Dodgers. When it comes to football, L.A. is a bit of a barren wasteland, even with two teams established in the city. There didn’t seem to be too much fandom surrounding the Rams when they made the Super Bowl last season and barely anyone was paying attention to the Chargers despite their 12-4 record. 

During a recent Instagram live session, Chargers running back Melvin Gordon was walking on the street when he started talking to a fan. The man wanted to know about Gordon’s recent holdout and during the conversation, the man mentioned the Chargers fans. That’s when Gordon complained about the team’s lack of fan support even though they were exceptional last season. As Gordon simply puts it: “no one cared.”

These comments come at a fairly interesting time considering Gordon is holding out from the team right now. The running back wants more money as he is still on his rookie contract. Earlier today we reported on how Gordon promised fans he would play this season although wouldn’t confirm if it would be with the Chargers.

Perhaps Gordon wants to go to a place where the fans are just a little bit more engaged.