Melle Mel Calls Nicki Minaj Being Ranked Ahead of Rakim ‘Blaspehmy’ and ‘BS’


Melle Mel’s examination of Hip-Hop has continued. This time, his topic is Nicki Minaj, who he thinks should not be ranked ahead of Rakim or LL Cool J in any best-of-all-time ranking.

Still dropping pieces on The Art of Dialogue podcast, Melle Mel called Nicki’s placement on Billboard’s Top 50 rappers of all-time list “bullshit.”

“You know that’s some bullshit.” Melle Mel. “Kane and them and Rakim and them they done put up 40, come on now. And I actually like Nicki Minaj but that’s some bullshit. You gotta understand what Hip Hop really is.”


He added, “Rakim should never be 14 because his style changed the game. The average rapper, from a certain point to a certain point, you had to rap like Rakim.”

“If you just talking about the pure rappers like Rakim and somebody like Kool G Rap, those are basically the top rappers of the game. Rakim, he should never be 14.”