Melissa McCarthy Takes Over Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ Watch


The actress really wants to be Billie’s “hype man.”

Melissa McCarthy has been silly and serious on the big and little screens. But on Thursday (May 16) she got to check a one of the most coveted roles off her bucket list: Billie Eilish hype man.

While guest hosting on Ellen, McCarthy revealed that she's obsessed with the 17 year-old singer, explaining, “I think every super cool 17-year-old musician needs a 48-year-old midwestern mother of two… kind of like as her hype man. I wanted to prove that I do have what it takes to perform with her, so I put something together!"

McCarthy explained that when she saw Eilish on Ellen recently she realized she loved everything about When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? star and that her dream is to "go on tour with her and maybe lay down a track…I think we would make a great duo…I would assume we'd end up best friends. Maybe matching tattoos, I don't know." 

Then she did one better. McCarthy re-edited Eilish's "Bad Guy" video and inserted herself into the mix, from wearing a matching hoodie outfit to singing through a bloody nose, riding a mini hooptie and rocking an Elvis wig as she does push-ups with Billie on her back.

Check out McCarthy's "Bad Guy" video edit below.