Megan Thee Stallion Talks About Trademarking Hot Girl Summer: “It’s My Thing”


It looks like Megan Thee Stallion was trying to cash in on a bag when she decided to trademark her insanely-popular phrase “Hot Girl Summer.” In a new interview with Allure, the Houston phenomenon spoke about her decision to get the catch phrase trademarked, saying once she saw stores like Forever 21 & Wendy’s using her phrase publicly, she knew she needed to cash in on it.

“I really didn’t even know that it was gonna catch on how it did. It was just me talking shit, telling everybody I was gonna be me for the summer, and they should be them too, like as free as they can be,” she said. “When I saw Wendy’s and Forever 21 saying, ‘Hey, are you having a Hot Girl Summer?’ I was like, ‘Hell no, Forever 21, you’re going to have to pay me.’ But I just wanted to get it trademarked because it’s me. It’s my thing,” she added.

Despite “Hot Girl Summer” coming to an end here, let’s not forget we’re approaching “fuck boy fall,” according to 21 Savage.

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