Megan Thee Stallion Strips Down To "Cowgirl Latex" For Fever-Related PSA


Megan Thee Stallion simply wanted to know: “What’s your favorite song from #FEVER?” But for some reason or another, Megan’s Instagram followers haven’t been able to improve on their condition. It appears as though “Hot Girl Meg” induces “navel-gazing” on both sides of the fence – especially when she walks out in a two-piece bandage set.

Megan Thee Stallion Strips Down To "Cowgirl Latex" For Fever-Related PSA

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The following Instagram post illustrates everything we’ve come to love about her “Hot Girl Meg” persona. Unapologetically brash, confident, yet completely aware of her surroundings (at all times) – the sex-positive image that Megan Thee Stallion is aligning herself right below Cardi B in the pecking order, but not for a lack of verve or talent. Should Cardi B vacate her spot as hip-hop’s reigning temptress, and go Hollywood on a full-time basis – Megan Thee Stallion would stop at nothing to cover that ground.

Megan is more than ripe for this or any opportunity in the open road. As the cowgirl hat clearly denotes, she isn’t obscuring her roots, or anything innate to her upbringing. Quite the obvious. In fact, Houston’s re-emergence on the national scale rests on her shoulders, and hers alone at the present moment. All things considered, Maxo Kream, BeatKing and the Sauce Twinz are all due some credit for keeping things lively in Houston while she sorted herself out. Don’t waste another moment, check out Fever right this second.