Megan Thee Stallion Says "Double Standards" Keep Her From Rapping "Like Uzi & Carti"


Before Megan Thee Stallion could benefit from a fair-shake in the form of tell-all Fader cover story, the Fever debutant was thrust into a debate over her songwriting integrity. While the debacle was in itself, a nuanced display of offsetting points (on both sides) – it’s hard not to sympathize with Megan’s over the poor timing of the whole affair.

While Megan’s Fader interview was planned well in advance, she does inadvertently touch on the gender biases that were exposed during yesterday’s shouting match. In the top part of her conversation with Fader, Megan Thee Stallion addressed the double standard she’s had to endure over the origins of her lyrical acumen.

“Being a girl too—they criticize you harder than they criticize men,” she expressed. “If I was out there making little noises like Uzi and Carti be making, they would not rock with that. And not saying that they don’t be going hard, because we definitely finna turn up to both of them, but if it was a chick, like—no.”

Megan would also inadvertently show her H-Town roots without deliberately trying for the subject of grassroots authenticity. “To see that it [hip-hop] changed from something that I love so much to what’s going on right now really blew my mind,” she explained. “Like, we not rapping no more?”

Later in the interview, Megan spoke at length about the influence her mother had on her career choice, as well as the artists who helped shape her brash style ( Notorious B.I.G. and UGK). Meg’s mother was a rapper in her own right but never forced the issue upon her daughter throughout the course of her upbringing.