Megan Thee Stallion Fires Back At The Doubters: "I Write All My Own Shit"


Megan Thee Stallion was in no mood to horse around with her songwriting credentials fast becoming a topic of conversation on social media. In so few words, “Hot Girl Meg” addressed the situation in two short-winded Instagram stories. In the first of two postings, Megan writes, “I write all my own shit don’t let nobody gas you up like that.” In the second slide, she simply writes, “That clout shit crazy” before ghosting the scene.

Megan appears to be up against a gender stereotype propagated by the likes of Cardi B, and her admittance of “ghostwriting” with Pardison Fontaine. Yet, the only aspect of Megan’s “imaging” that looks as though it’s been co-opted, is the way she addresses her fanbase. Notice the similar disposition she’s taken with “The Hotties,” and Nicki Minaj‘s time-honored rapport with her “The Barbiez” sect. Just about everything else in Megan’s repertoire is doggone original as the eyes can see.

In other Meg-related news: it appears that Maxo Kream was peer pressured into binge drinking throughout the Fever launch festivities, as evidenced by concurrent posts on his and her timeline. His ringing endorsement should do wonders on the naysayers doubting her songwriting credentials.