Megan Thee Stallion Bombarded By Word "B*tch" In Brittany Renner Interview


This past weekend was the Bay Area iteration of Rolling Loud. The festival hired influencer and author, Brittany Renner to conduct some of their backstage interviews with performing artists. While Renner spoke to many of hip hop’s current stars, the Internet is specifically talking about her awkward interview with Megan Thee Stallion. 

From the jump, Renner appears far too excited for someone who is supposed to be concerned with leading an interesting interview. She’s overtaken by a desire to fangirl and befriend Meg, causing the whole conversation to collapse into discomfort. Rather than asking the “Hot Girl Summer” artist a proper question, Renner starts with, “Bitch, you are really that bitch, though.” Meg doesn’t know how to respond, likely because they wasn’t really a question. For the rest of the interview, Renner is jumpy and sycophantic and Meg appears wary. At one point, Meg even walks off camera and Renner shouts for her to come back. When she returns, Renner continues with her compliments and bitch-calling. “You are really fucking beautiful in person, bitch,” she says. Meg gives the hilariously ambiguous response: “You gotta stop.”

Twitter is calling out Renner for code-switching, adopting AAVE in attempt to hit it off with the highly-admired artist, but the attempt falls flat. Read some of the reactions below.