Meet Yashua, This Week's Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise


“Being out ‘La Banda’ didn’t stop me. You have to believe in yourself,” said Yashua.

Being eliminated from a talent competition like Univision’s La Banda is very hard, especially for a young teenager like Yashua who had the goal to be one the winners. But that event did not stop this rising star, because after feeling defeated, he found a way to get up and forge his own path.

Recently, Yashua has been signed by Magnus Media, an agency founded by superstar Marc Anthony, which now is in charge his career. “I had other labels looking at me, but Marc is really selective and was open to receiving a new artist,” tells Yashua.

Now, the 19-year-old singer is ready to become a star. “Being out La Banda didn’t stop me. You have to believe in yourself.”

Meet this week's Billboard Latin artist on the rise.

Name: Yashua

Age: 19

Major Accomplishment: His previous single “Silencio” reached No. 1 on Spotify’s Viral 50 in 10 different countries and No. 6 on Spotify's global charts.

Recommended Song: “Pena,” which was written by him and was born from a personal love experience.