Meet the Dancers From Calvin Harris & Sam Smith's Ball Culture-Inspired 'Promises' Video


In the dead the morning Calvin Harris and Sam Smith released the visual for their collab “Promises.” Directed by Emil Nava, the video features model Winnie Harlow and acts as sort a mini-doc on queer nightlife and explains its importance. “You find that inner person and you just kinda let it out,” voguer Prince Zay says in one the clips. What some viewers don't know is that several the performers have worked alongside the likes Prince, Madonna and Rihanna. Here are five notable performers from the video.

Kevin Stea​

Working as a dancer and choreographer for over a quarter a century, Kevin has certainly been around the block. Having broken into the industry on Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour, he’s worked with Prince, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Beyoncé, Cher, as well as designers including Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and Tommy Hilfiger.

Jamari 007

The video opens with Jamari 007, a voguer who has been deemed legend in the ballroom community, talking to the camera in Super 8 footage. “It’s just that let go not having to be somebody that I don’t want to be at that time,” he says. Jamari is a choreographer and dancer who has worked with Keke Palmer as well as Marco Marco Underwear.

Dashaun Lanvin​

Though he only appears in the video briefly, Dashaun’s resume is long. In addition to doing everything from appearing in Rihanna’s Anti world tour and NBC’s The Wiz Live, the self-described “King Vogue” tours the world as a commentator — he actually took one his favorite commentations to an episode Hit The Floor. Teyana Taylor just brought him out to perform with her on the L.A. stop her tour this past weekend.

Carlos Lanvin​

“Growing up in the Bronx you have to carry this tough skin,” Carlos says. “Finding vogue, it allowed me to express myself in a way that I couldn’t express anywhere else.” Carlos is also a dancer and choreographer, having performed at a variety events like the Chicago House Music Festival, Los Angeles Salsa Festival and even the Pose premiere. He’s even performed with Camila Cabello at the iHeartRadio Music awards. In the L.A. ballroom scene, he organizes the city’s recurring Vogue Nights event along with Jamari.

Kia Labeija

Featured heavily in the lyric video for the song, Kia Labeija is well known as a voguing star and artist. Having appeared in Pose, Labeija has been filmed for projects for brands like MAC Cosmetics and Gucci, amongst others. Her multidisciplinary fine art practice explores activism, politics and community.