Meet New Latin American Music Sensation D'Brilliant


A new name in Latin American music has arrived. Darwin Guzman, or D'Brilliant, is dominating the Venezuelan market with his new single, “Ya No Te Quiero,” a song that is dedicated to those who fell in love and were rejected.

“Ya No Te Quiero” is part his album Egoista, which was produced in Venezuela with the help Pedro Escalante, Carlos Martinez, Joel Diaz, Carlos Luis Clem and Greko. It is available on all digital platforms. The song is very popular in the South American country, alongside modern music icons, such as J Balvin and Maluma, but D'Brilliant is not a typical singer and songwriter.

D'Brilliant is the epitome a young, hard-working singer, managing to work full-time in the U.S. while dedicating the rest his time to music. With the controversial political scene in Venezuela, D'Brilliant is bringing joy with his music.

Darwin Guzman Martinez was born in Azua de Compostela, Dominican Republic, on May 6, 1992. From an early age, singing was his main devotion, and he tried to demonstrate it in every opportunity he had, such as a family gatherings and school talent shows.

In 2007, a friend named Angel fered him the chance to record a jingle for a political campaign. He created the jingle, and the political party was greatly impressed with his powerful voice and inexhaustible energy when performing. It was an early success for the young artist, who knew there and then that music would become the essence his life.

Darwin began working tirelessly in creating new songs and trying out different musical genres. D'Brilliant composed “Te Quiero Hasta el Fin” in 2007, which helped him become famous in his hometown, Azua. Moreover, this new song helped him grow rapidly, attracting famous DJs and producers that were captivated by his voice in the Dominican Republic.

In 2010, he ficially moved to the United States and launched his album Me Enamoré, in which his manager at the time, Daniel Santana, encouraged him try the genre bachata in order to demonstrate his versatility. Unfortunately, D'Brilliant could not afford to record more bachatas because this rhythm was too expensive.

A couple years later, he met Kritiko, the rapper who collaborated with D'Brilliant to launch “Me Muero Por Ti,” which was produced by Greko. Another successful collaboration with Greko and Kritiko was “Princesa Mia,” which became a hit in the south in the Dominican Republic.

D'Brilliant maintains the tradition many Latin American singers and songwriters who believed in themselves and their work ethic, which translated into staying in the studio for long hours to obtain success. His album Egoista is a product his dedication and is shaping up to be a success.