Meet Jakk Fynn, the Transmasculine Pop Singer Dismantling Gender Constructs in ‘Fire’ Video


For up-and-coming pop artist Jakk Fynn, society's constructs surrounding gender, masculinity, uality and identity only serve to restrain acceptance. So, in his new video, he's tearing those constructs down. 

On Wednesday (Nov. 13), Fynn unveiled the clip for "Fire" (premiering below), a pulsing electro-pop anthem where the singer takes on the limitations of binary thinking. In the video (directed by Maddy Talias and Meghan Luck), Fynn and an army of young people dressed in all-white jumpsuits are each labeled by unseen figures with either a circle or a triangle on their backs, and robotically placed with another person with the opposite symbol. But as the video continues, Fynn and his compatriots refuse their given labels by shedding their suits and start a dance party.

In an interview with Billboard ahead of the video's release, Fynn says that he wanted to keep the video vague enough that his viewers could project their own experience onto it, while also adding some specificity to make it real to his own experiences. "The world is better off when we promote individuality versus persecuting each other for our differences," he says. "Much like the inhabitants in 'Fire', we can all employ daily acts of rebellion to advocate for ourselves and each other to help shape a better tomorrow."

The singer, who identifies as transmasculine, says that he wants to create music that can help his listeners while also questioning the way our society functions, because that's the voice he wish he had growing up — he says his experience being raised in a Mexican, evangelical Christian household made it nearly impossible to explore his identity. "If my music, my story, or my ability to thrive can inspire courage, authenticity, or challenge beliefs, then we can start to really mitigate the trauma being passed around irrespective of medium."

Check out Jakk Fynn's new video for "Fire" below: