Meek Mill's Using Corrupt Cop & Judge's Bias As Evidence For Release From Prison: Report


There’s been a lot complications surrounding Meek Mill‘s case since he was sentenced two to four years behind bars for violating his probation. Different elements surfaced pertaining to his arrest such as the judge’s bias in the court room, the involvement corrupt cops on the case and much more. A new report has surfaced that Meek’s lawyer has ficially filed for his immediate release and has cited these factors as a reason for him to get out jail.

TMZ reports that Meek Mill’s legal team has filed documents for his release from prison earlier this morning. Two factor’s that they’re using to get Meek released on bail before court is Meek’s arresting ficer, Reginald Graham, and the judge that was on the case. In previous reports, it was said that Meek Mill’s arrest was based f a perjured testimony from Graham. They’re building a list the illegal stuff he’s done such as stealing money from crime scenes and bad results from polygraph tests to help their case. In addition to the corrupt police ficer, they’re also using Judge Brinkley reported bias as a reason for his freedom as well including her private conversation with Meek and Nicki Minaj when they were dating.

Aside from the judge and the corrupt ficer, he’s also using the fact that the Philadelphia District Attorney said they wouldn’t be opposed to his release because the police corruption case. 

Overall, things are looking pretty good for Meek Mill when it comes to his release.