Meek Mill’s Q&A With Fans Reveal His Funny Nipsey Hussle Story & Dream Girl


Meek Mill‘s keeping busy with all kinds of projects that include a summer pack, film and a music video. We know all this information since the “Going Bad” rapper hopped on Twitter recently to start a #AskMeek dialogue where fans fired off their most curious questions for Meek to answer. Off the top, we know that if Meek could have one item with him on a stranded island it would be an iPhone so he could get off the island.  

Meek also explained his feelings about going back to his hood and whether or not he gets paranoid. “I stay on my toes I know they will kill me in the hood ….. it’s no morals involved with these streets …. most importantly I stay away from them,” he replied.

Elsewhere during his fan reveal, Meek shared a funny story about none other than Nipsey Hussle from a time they ran into each other at a casino hotel. “I had 50 girls come to my hotel room in like 2012 I ran into nipsey in the casino hallway he was by hisself he came with me … we was going up he was just sitting there chilling the whole night cool as shit 😂😂😂😂😂,” he wrote. 

On the topic of girls, Meek even shared just exactly what it is he’s looking for in a leading lady. “A Lil hood… classy…. freaky …. bad …. go getter ….confident …. smart 🤤,” he shared.