Meek Mill’s Mother Begs District Attorney To Resolve Her Son’s Case


On Tuesday, Meek Mill’s mother, Kathy Williams, spoke at a news conference at the University Pennsylvania and it was there where she tearfully asked District Attorney Larry Krasner to “step in” and help her son get out prison.

“I’m begging the DA,” #KathyWilliams said in her first public statement. “Can you please help me out?”

Kathy, who stood alongside Meek Mill’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, ripped into court Judge Genece E. Brinkley, who sentenced Meek to two to four years in state prison in November after he repeatedly violated the terms his parole. “I don’t even understand how he’s been on probation for that many years. It’s like he murdered somebody,” she said. “He has to beg to see his son. What kind woman does that? Is she a mother? Do she have a mother?” adds that Meek was charged in a drug and gun case when he was 19, and as a result, he’s spent most his adulthood on probation under the authority Judge Brinkley.

During the panel on Tuesday, Meek’s attorney was able to call the Philly rapper while he was in prison. “I appreciate all the love and all the support from the people from Philadelphia, all over the world,” Meek said over the phone. “The people that have been showing support. I think it’s about time Pennsylvania had this type light shined on the system because I’m actually caught up in the system, not just me myself. Me and a bunch other young men and older men and you know, it’s kind hard to get out .”

Read more about his phone call here, and check out Meek’s mothers cry & plea to the DA (below).