Meek Mill Talks "Parole System" & "Black America" Face To Face With Dr. Oz


Meek Mill joined Dr. Oz on his daytime talk show this afternoon to pitch his incarceration narrative a much wider audience than before: in the absorption of the homemaker demographic. It’s no secret that Meek Mill’s prison bid inspired him to become a political savant on the outside. The Philly demi-god began his on-air discussion by explaining the method to his graceful manner. 

“Me, I’m a strong individual and I’ve got the drive and determination to make all bad situations turn out to be good,” Mill told Dr. Oz. “But I don’t believe I was given a fair shot on probation.”

Between takes, Meek Mill broke the objectives he and his REFORM Alliance (Jay-Z, Michael Rubin, etc.) hope to carry forth (on an ongoing basis). Hence, Oz found himself inclined to prod deeper into his guest’s personal experiences. Without much hesitation, Meek replied with an intimation of compliance, then set forth on a surprisingly positive note regarding the relationship he established with his PO on the inside.

Meek Mill Talks "Parole System" & "Black America" Face To Face With Dr. Oz

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“I watch a probation officer get up and say, ‘Robert Williams,’ Meek’s real name, ‘He’s a model probationer. He’s done everything we’ve ever asked. We think he’s great.’ The judge started to scream at her. I couldn’t believe it was happening,” he said. “They said, ‘Don’t worry, no one’s ever been sentenced against the recommendation of the probation officer [and] District Attorney in the history that they’ve seen.'”

Jay-Z, Rubin and the other constituent involved in the REFORM Alliance etched the blueprint of their plans while Meek Mill was still imprisoned. The Philly don profited from a series of phone calls and visitations to set the order in motion. Most of the segment is available in two abridged parts (down below). Hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below the write-up.