Meek Mill Shoots His Shot With A Lingerie-Clad Rihanna


Sometimes, all a man can do is shoot his shot and hope for the best. Short sliding into the DMs, Instagram comments are ten a ble, less intimate alternative. Granted, if the subject in question is Rihanna, the comment section tends to turn into a feeding frenzy not unlike sharks on chum. That hasn’t stopped Meek Mill from boldly venturing forth an attempt, as suitors aspirant have done for years prior. Today, Meek was caught running game by the ever-watchful eye The Shade Room, who put his effort on display for all competitors to see.

Employing what many experts have come to identity as “pun game,” Meek hit Rihanna with a double entendre for the ages: “Robin Thicke.” Admittedly, Rihanna’s birth name is Robyn, and she is most definitely thick. In that regard, the comment is an unmitigated success. Yet it does seem strange that Meek is essentially praising a woman by comparing her to a man. In all fairness, landing a date with Rihanna is no doubt a difficult task; we can only hope that Meek is up for the challenge.

If not for anything, the Drake reaction alone would no doubt make everything worth it. Still, one can hardly blame Meek, and he wouldn’t be the first rapper to leave their mark on Rihanna’s comment section. Tip your hats to the Wins & Losses rapper, and let us hope he can land another one in the win column.