Meek Mill Says Recent Shrooms Trip Has Made Him ‘More Smart’


Meek Mill has revealed he recently had a psychedelic mushrooms trip, and he thinks it made him smarter than he already is.

The Philly native took to his Twitter earlier this week to let fans know about the mind-opening trip that left him feeling like a genius. According to Meek, the psychedelic drug has changed his life.

“I took some strooms it made me more smart more happy and have more love in my heart,” Meek tweeted on Monday (August 15). “I was gone cold this shit like medicine ….. micro dose vibes.”

He added: “I don’t know if everybody brain structured for this .. but it’s some shit in these things lol.”

Meek’s statement comes several months after he said smoking cannabis makes him depressed. He took to Twitter in similar fashion and let fans know what the recreational drug was doing to him.

“I smoke weed everyday and get depressed as soon as I get high … I be happy as hell sober lol it just helps me think deeper and more realistic lol.”

Shrooms has become a hot topic lately especially with micro-dosing becoming the new trend with people over the last few years. Various businesses and artists are looking to market the product after cannabis continues to be legalized in many states.

In June, Wiz Khalifa was one of the first rappers to announce he’s launching a new psilocybin and mushroom wellness brand. Dubbed Mistercap, the brand is a partnership between Wiz and Canadian company Red Light Holland to launch home-grown natural (non-psychedelic) mushroom kits in the U.S., Europe and Canada by the end of the year.

Psilocybin — the active ingredient in shrooms — is currently illegal under federal law in the U.S. and Canada. The drug was recently decriminalized statewide in Oregon, the District of Columbia and several municipalities in California, Washington, Colorado, Michigan and Massachusetts.

In other Meek Mill news, the 35-year-old recently announced he was leaving Roc Nation management to branch out on his own without JAY-Z and his team calling the shots.

To get the ball rolling, Meek announced a month later that he had formed a strategic partnership with WME talent agency to build up the next generation of cultural leaders. In addition, Meek will have WME represent him in all aspects while working with them to identify talent to represent or partner with.