Meek Mill Says He Was Scared To Tell His Parole Officer About His Drug Addiction


While the world has celebrated Meek Mill’s release from prison, his case was only a high prile example a criminal justice system that continues to exploit and imprison people wrongfully. Not satisfied with resting on his laurels, Meek is taking a stand for criminal justice reform, using his own example as a starting point. 

Today, according to TMZ,  Meek made a speech during a press conference alongside Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, as well as other state leaders, in order to address the issues that need to be addressed in the justice system. During that speech, he delivered a shocking revelation: Meek at one point was addicted to opiates, but was so scared going back to prison that he couldn’t ask for help in getting treatment. 

Thankfully, he eventually gathered the courage to ask his PO for help, and she was empathetic enough to ensure he went into a rehab facility rather than a prison, but Meek brings up an important point. When you’re under probation like Meek was, and still is, just coming into contact with police can be enough cause to get locked up again. Meek brings up the example the two men who got arrested recently at a Starbucks as an example, saying that if it were him there he could have been sentenced to two to four years in prison even if he didn’t do anything wrong.  

Governor Wolf, with Meek’s support, is proposing legislation to fix these issues, and others that would be relevant to Meek’s case.