Meek Mill Rates Tierra Whack As "The Best Female Rapper In The World"


In Meek Mill‘s most humblest opinion, Tierra Whack is in class by herself, with respect to active rappers who also happen to be women, to be precise. “The best female rapper in the world is @TierraWhack let’s argue,” he Tweeted, inviting his followers to join in the conversation.

Before delving deeper into the discussion it’s worth noting that Tierra Whack was born and bred Philadelphia much like himself. Sure, Meek is probably guilty of favoritism on some level, yet no one in their right mind would neglect to list Whack on their short-list, at the risk of tarnishing their own reputation. Tierra Whack is just THAT good at her j-o-b.

Meek Mill’s proclamation was made out to Tierra Whack with all the accreditations, and tags, as well as the standard re-issue of a freestyle she’d posted in response to Jermaine Dupri‘s ostensibly sexist remarks earlier in the week. Before it ever came to that, Tierra Whack was grouped into the conversation at the insistence of Cardi B, who felt obliged to defend her fellow women (in hip-hop). In doing so, Cardi B listed Tierra Whack among the upper echelon in the game.

“Let me tell you about some rappers that are really fucking dope, that be rapping they ass off, and I don’t feel like they get the recognition that they deserve. Tierra WhackKamaiyahRapsody, there’s this girl called Oranika…” Cardi B said as she listed off her personal favorites

Where do you stand on the issue? Is Meek Mill’s assertion reasonable, does Tierra Whack’s resume match up with her skill set? Hit us with your thoughts in the comments. Off the top, I can think of a few artists, deserving of coverage, that haven’t listed in the preliminary phase of these “Best Rapper” discussions.