Meek Mill Is Not In Prison Despite What Pennsylvania Wants You To Believe


One the most relieving moments this year for many fans hip-hop culture was Meek Mill’s release from prison. A bittersweet moment, fans were genuinely happy to see Meek freed, tuning in to see if he would make it to the Sixers game that night and crossing their fingers for new music. While he revealed that his stint in jail stunted his writing for months, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear a new album within a year. While the celebration Meek’s freedom is still very much happening throughout his media circuit, the state Pennsylvania wants you to believe that he is actually still locked up.

According to TMZ, a notification was sent out by VINELink, a system that informs you an inmate’s status, saying that Meek, real name Robert Williams, was still at Chester State Prison as 4 AM this morning. Of course, if you’ve been paying attention to any news website, you will know that Meek has been out for weeks. Apparently, the notification was sent as it takes into account the processing an inmate’s final paycheck. Meek is reportedly still owed $15.12 with an additional $644.90 deposited into his inmate account by family and friends. Once the check has been issued to the Philly rapper, his release will be ficially processed on the notification system.

We’re thinking they likely will want to restructure the app as the way it is currently set up is bound to cause a lot confusion.