Meek Mill Adjusts “Going Bad” Lyrics at Summer Jam About Lori Harvey


Meek Mill wants you to know once and for all, Lori Harvey is no longer on his wish list.

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After the infamous “Going Bad” lyric, the ghost of rap bars has haunted him over his then admiration for Lori Harvey.

She said, “Oh, you rich rich?”
Bitch, I graduated, call me Big Fish
I got Lori Harvey on my wish list
That’s the only thing I want for Christmas

Meek Mill on “Going Bad”

But during his set at Hot 97 Summer Jam, Meek Mill changed up the bar to “I took Lori Harvey off my wishlist / That’s the only thing I wanted for Christmas.”


Lori Harvey likely doesn’t mind that she is not on Meek’s radar anymore, especially because she appears to be head over heels for Michael B. Jordan.

You can hear it from Meek below.