Me Not You Previews Upcoming Album ‘Already Gone,’ Grapples With Loss On Two New Tracks: Premiere


Me Not You wrestles with the aftermath of losing a loved one in two deeply emotional tracks, premiering on Billboard today (May 8). 

The Brooklyn-based duo — comprised of Nikki Taylor and Eric Zeiler — originally gained traction as part of alternative pop trio Little Daylight, branching off to form Me Not You in 2016. While the band has dropped two EPs thus far, upcoming album Already Gone (slated to arrive early this summer) will mark their first full-length. 

“I Don’t Blame You” and “Not Fine” — the first two songs released off Already Gone — were born out of an emotional roller coaster last summer, as singer Taylor lost her grandmother and discovered she was pregnant within the span of a week. 

"It was crazy navigating such emotional lows and highs simultaneously," Taylor tells Billboard. "I kept thinking that I wish I could have told my grandmother before she passed and wondering what she would have said.” 

That thought sparked the inspiration behind “I Don’t Blame You,” a haunting and exposed song in which Taylor imagines what her grandmother might have told her about moving on and finding happiness even at a time of great sorrow. 

“There’s so much more to come/ So take comfort in your dreams/ And nobody knows what’s ahead/ But I wish you peace,” she sings on the track. “And I don’t blame you/ For moving on/ Go and be happy/ Even though I’m not around.” 

The second track, “Not Fine,” hones in on feelings of isolation and despair after an individual faces a traumatic event, such as losing a family member, and is forced to return to their everyday life. 

The guitar-backed song details what it’s like to struggle through immense pain while faking a smile for the rest of the world. 

"Friends care and want to make sure you're OK, but ultimately people continue their own lives and concerns while you're still holding this burden every moment,” the band tells Billboard  email. “'Not Fine' is about being in that space when you're well enough to return to the real world, but you're not fine quite yet." 

Listen to the two new tracks below.