MCskill Thapreacha Wants You To Listen To The Kids


Its the return of the rhyme minister MCskill Thapreacha to pleasure our ears with his new offering and on this he employs the vocal chords of the Switzerland based Nigerian singer Justina Lee Brown to help give some added texture and make richer this track he calls Listen To The Kids. With Stormatique (his blood brother) 0n the drum machine and boards, MCskill Thapreacha delivers in story telling fashion about the impact parents have on the outlook of kids about the world. There is no gainsaying that the information the kids seek will be made available to them regardless of the parents choosing to give it or not. One would have to assume that some type of event inspired this track and it would be cool to actually hear the back story to this song. There is more to expect from this dude and hopefully it is not too long before we get it.