McDonald's Is Officially Restocked With Szechuan Sauce


Monday’s have never been better. McDonald’s has ficially restocked all its U.S. restaurants with the popular sweet and spicy Szechuan Sauce. After fering the dip for a limited time in October, thanks to Rick and Morty, the sauce is now available to all – until supplies last, course. 

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“Last October, we truly meant well when we brought back a super-limited batch Szechuan Sauce, but it quickly became apparent we did not make enough to meet the expectations our fans,” McDonald’s said in a statement. “We did not anticipate the overnight crowds, the cross-state travel and the amazing curiosity, passion and energy fans showed.”

The sauce was first introduced 1998 to promote the Disney film Mulan. It clearly wasn’t loved that much as it only lasted for a short amount time. Since the cartoon show Rick and Morty introduced the dip in its first episode season three, people have been buzzing looking for the long-lost condiment in real life. 

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Are you guys a fan this dip or Rick and Morty?