McDonald's Introduces Fresh-Beef Quarter Pounders at 25% Of Locations


McDonald’s has been in a race with society to adapt its menu to a more health-conscious millennial crowd who are beginning to express a distaste for out–date methods food consumption. The restaurant recently revamped its Happy Meal menu in a bid to lower a child’s caloric, saturated fat and sugar intake, removing such items as the cheeseburger and chocolate milk from their displays in the process. Now, the ubiquitous fast food chain has found another way to lure finicky customers. 

As now, an estimated 3,500 restaurants nationwide will now be serving fresh-meat Quarter Pounders and Signature Crafted Recipe sandwiches. By early May, the company is anticipating that all their 14,000 U.S. locations will be providing this fresher alternative. 

However, there are pre-existing markets that have already begun to serve customers this revamped burger, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Memphis, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Raleigh and Salt Lake City, with Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle following suit. 

“The switch to fresh-beef quarter-pound burgers is the most significant change to our system and restaurant operations since All-Day Breakfast,” reveals McDonald’s USA president Chris Kempczinski in a statement. “Over the past two years, we have been listening to our customers and evolving our business to build a better McDonald’s.”

The company believes that this change will significantly effect the price their burgers.