Max Kellerman Shocks Molly Qerim With Dubious Kobe Bryant Take: Watch


NBA fans and pundits went into an absolute tizzy yesterday as a list was revealed detailing the NBA’s All-Decade first, second, and third teams. One of the biggest head-scratchers was the fact that Kobe Bryant was only good enough to make it onto the third team. Of course, Bryant is a legend and people expected him to be higher. These hot takes were kind of emotional though as we all know Kobe played his best basketball during the 200s and not the 2010s.

Perhaps the most egregious take came from ESPN’s Max Kellerman who went on First Take and said Kobe should be on the all-decade worst team. The whole set seemed to be shocked by the comment, including moderator Molly Qerim who walked off the set in what can only be described as a fit of rage and confusion.

Kellerman has been known for his hot takes in the past so this particular comment shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. Had Stephen A. Smith been on the set, the clip would have been even funnier as he probably would have hit Kellerman with a “blasphemous” or “stay off the weed” line. 

Thank goodness these types of lists exist because they create some pretty hilarious debates and talking points. Leave it to First Take to be at the forefront of this.