Maude Apatow Is Still Mortified Drake Came to ‘Euphoria’ Set When She Was Dressed Like Bob Ross


It also didn’t help that her parents sent a tape of her in ‘Cats’ for her ‘Late Show’ debut.

Maude Apatow was already nervous enough about making her late night talk show debut on Monday night (July 29). So leave it to her famous parents, producer/director Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann, to turn the red face factor up to 11. The Euphoria actress was visibly giddy when taking a seat next to The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, though she immediately got more serious when Colbert asked if she was bothered that her folks always mentioned her during their appearances on the show.

"Yeah…sometimes. They really throw me under the bus," she said. Always diligent in his research, Colbert then cued up a series of clips of said bus throwing under incidents, with Mann dissing Maude for dropping out of college and that time she kind of called her daughter a slob. "I was not happy with my mom for saying that really…but I'm not going to say anything about them becuase I'm not petty like that." 

Ouch. They pre-emptively got her back though, because later in the segment — after Idris Elba earlier expertly explained his role in the upcoming live action Cats movie as well as the inscrutible plot of the original musical — Colbert revealed that they'd sent in a home movie of Maude performing in Cats as a child. Game, set, match for the 'rents. "No!! No!!!" Apatow yelled, squriming in her seat and covering her face as mimi-Maude squeaked out "Memory."

Things settled down when she described missing the first set visit that Euphoria executive producer Drake made. The self-proclaimed Six God superfan explained that she did get to meet her idol when he returned to catch the filming of the intense Halloween episode. In yet another red-face moment, though, Apatow met Drizzy while she was rocking a huge afro and beard while dressed as late PBS painting boss Bob Ross. "He basically didn't tell anyone he was coming, so we were just shooting that scene like, literally that exact moment when I opened the door and it was revealed that I was dressed as Bob Ross," she said as Colbert held up a picture of their meet cute.

"I was really caught off guard and he kind of like saw everyone and he hugged everyone and then he saw me  and he shook my hand," she laughed. "I think he wasn't sure what was happening." The season one finale of Euphoria airs on HBO on Sunday (Aug. 4). 

Watch Apatow on The Late Show below.