Mattel Teases Upcoming BTS Doll Collection


The 11.5-inch fashion dolls are set to be released in September.

Fans of BTS will now be able to own pint-size versions of the septet thanks to an upcoming collaboration with Mattel.

The American toy manufacturer announced it would be working with the South Korean group earlier this year and recently took to social media to begin teasing the upcoming set of figurines. On Monday, the company shared a photo showing the silhouettes of the seven dolls, tweeting, “No more dreaming. Something big's coming…”

Each day since, Mattel shared close-up photos of one doll. First on Tuesday, the company shared a shot of a dimple that fans were quick to recognize as being that of RM.

On Wednesday (March 20), Mattel uploaded a picture of a shoulder showing an outfit that fans have matched to the one worn by Jin in the group’s “IDOL” music video.

The dolls will each be wearing the looks the band wore in “IDOL,” which went to No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 last year. It fronted their Billboard 200 chart-topping album Love Yourself: Answer. 

In an interview with GeekSpin, Mattel revealed they'll be 11.5-inch fashion dolls with 11 points of articulation, and each will cost around $20. They’ll be released on Sept. 1, according to the video, and will also be featured on a special set of the card game UNO, which features a special, BTS-inspired rule.