Matt Ox Prefers To Handle His Haters Like The Warriors Of Old


Matt Ox has seeming reached final form. The once innocent purveyor fidget spinner culture has apparently been out in the trenches, making an extensive list enemies a la Arya Stark. Clearly, the young rapper has felt jeopardized, be it his reputation or his physical being. As they say, one can never be too careful. Ox, looking like a young Hwoarang from Tekken, felt compelled to get on live and talk his shit, addressing the online haters in a passionate rant. While plenty rappers have delivered warnings a similar nature, none can rival Matt’s ingenuity. Within the span ten seconds, Ox goes from boy to man as he raises the blade he was always destined to hold.

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If anybody want smoke with Matt Ox, they better be well verse in the art swordplay. “You will not pull up on me in real life,” warns Ox, receiving the sword from his squire. “I let this blade hit.” To be safe, he’s actually packing three swords, presumably in the event that a multi-man melee breaks out. If you ever find yourself in need a champion for a trial by combat, Matt Ox feels like a worthy competitor. His swordplay is legendary throughout the streets Philadelphia.

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Consider yourself warned. While some may be quick to ridicule the young artist, Ox has made it clear that he will not stand for it. As they say, do not let your mouth write a check your body can’t cash. Sword game vicious.