Matoma, Mnek & Kiana Lede Are On the Chopping Block in ‘Bruised Not Broken’ Watch


Ever feel like life's got you on the butcher's block? Off with your head, your dreams are dashed and your body is just plain falling apart. We've all been there, but as long as we live another day, we have the strength to get back up -- emotionally speaking, anyway. 

Matoma and his collaborators Mnek and Kiana Lede turn that metaphor into visual magic tricks in the video for their single "Bruised Not Broken." The producer and his singing pals are literally cut up and put on ice in a butcher's shop. Just as the lyrics suggest, they put themselves back together and pull a trick of their own on the nasty man who would serve them for supper. 

It's a feast for the eyes -- but not the stomach, because we shouldn't eat our friends.

Watch "Bruised Not Broken" below.