Matisse & Sadko Invite You to Experience a 'Saga' Of Sound: Exclusive


If you're heading out on a big adventure, you'll need a dope beat to step to, something with a little pep to get you moving and grooving down the hard path ahead. When you reach the most climactic moment, where the wind blows fierce in your face and carries a sort "you can't make it" whisper, you pull out the big inspiration guns. That's where Matisse & Sadko's "Saga" comes in, a tune big enough to push you past the finish line into the hall legends.

"We tried to create not just a festival record, but an epic melody with a heroic mood, which can easily relate to the title the track," Matisse & Sadko tells Billboard.

"Saga" is large and in charge, cinematic and exciting. It comes to save the day Friday, Aug. 17, but you can listen to it in full below one day early, exclusively on Billboard Dance.