Masika Kalysha Updates Fans On Her Relationship With Fetty Wap


Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap share a beautiful three-year-old daughter named Khari Barbie Maxwell. The duo welcomed Khari in March of 2016 and after Fetty tried to claim he wasn’t the father after he and Masika’s one-night stand, the resemblance of Fetty and his offspring was a sure sign that he’s indeed the daddy. Masika recently hopped on Instagram to answer questions from some nosey fans who were very curious about Fetty’s involvement in his daughter’s life. 

 One user asked whether Masika missed Fetty, leading her to follow up with a “no” and explaining how he’s around all the time. Another used asked if Fetty comes around “often” where Masika first answered with some sarcasm then finally gave a proper answer. “I couldn’t get rid of him if it [sic] tried we share a whole human,” she wrote. 

Finally, one follower of Masika asked whether or not she’s friends with Fetty’s other three baby mothers. “Friends not at the moment. But as the kids get older it would be nice to plan things for the kids together. I’ve spoken to most of the women. Even the ones I haven’t spoken to it doesn’t matter are [sic] children are siblings I wish them all success and happiness. And all our children look alike,” she responded. 

Safe to say they’re co-parenting successfully.