Masai Ujiri Allegedly Gave Cop Concussion & Jaw Injury After Scuffle


In the immediate aftermath of the Toronto Raptors big win over the Golden State Warriors last Thursday, team president Masai Ujiri had problems getting onto the court to celebrate the win. Ujiri allegedly shoved an officer and even caught him with an arm to the face. There is a video circulating of what happened after the alleged altercation, but authorities are looking for footage of the physical part of the scene. For now, no such footage has been found, although that hasn’t stopped the cop in question to seek legal counsel.

According to TMZ, the officer’s attorney, David Mastagni, is alleging that Ujiri gave his client a couple of injuries. “He has a serious concussion; a templar mandibular joint injury, which is a serious jaw injury,” Mastagni said.

A lawsuit hasn’t been filed yet but it appears as though it’s definitely something that could happen at this point.

“All options are on the table. No options are off the table,” Mastagni explained. “No options are being ruled out as to how to rectify the situation.”

Ujiri has yet to comment on the situation although the Raptors have stated that they are currently investigating the matter. Stay tuned for updates on this situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.