Mary J. Blige Says She Went on Tour To Be Able To Pay Alimony


Mary J. Blige is currently on a hell of a run. Fresh off the Super Bowl stage, MJB is headed to the NBA All-Star Saturday Night stage and has a new album. Speaking about the album, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul visited the Breakfast Club and talked about the album, specifically the single “Rent Money.”

While speaking with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, MJB revealed: “Rent Money” is literally about paying overhead while facing alimony that she was forced to pay her ex-husband, who ran through her money.

“I wrote that song with the writers during that time,” Blige revealed. “I had to pay all this alimony, and I had no money to pay it. I had to go on tour to pay it. I had to go on tour to pay the alimony. I had to go on tour to pay the rent because he had spent all the money. By the time I got to the deposition and saw everything he did, I didn’t have a dollar left. He spent everything. He knew he spent everything and was asking me for more.”

She added, “‘Rent Money’ is about a vacancy.”

Charlamagne asked for clarification if it was industry broke or nothing. Mary J. Blige clarified that it wasn’t enough to pay the overhead, so she had to work for it.

You can hear it all from Mary J. Blige at the seven-minute mark of the video below.