Mary J. Blige Launches 'Sister Love' Jewelry Line


Mary J. Blige is always searching for inspiration and new outlets for self-expression. Her latest endeavor is a jewelry line in collaboration with Simone I. Smith, LL Cool J's wife and designer. Blige and her partner debuted the Sister Love collection at Essence Festival over the weekend (July 6). 

“What made me want to work with Simone is that] she already created an amazingly successful jewelry line and all the pieces are things that I love, and she also has an amazing fashion sense,” the Yonkers native says press release. “I wanted to add to that by sharing some my fashion sense with her and creating some things I dream about and I know other women are dreaming about.”

The Queen hip-hop soul announced the collection's release on Instagram with a heartfelt message calling Sister Love “a jewelry line that represents women working together and recognizing each others strength and power.” The Queen Hoop Earrings are now available online as the debut accessory from the collection for $199. 

Check out a teaser for the Sister Love collection below.