Marvel Tweets A Cryptic X-Men Teaser


The Marvel cinematic universe, which has not too long ago change into simply in regards to the largest factor in leisure (sorry Drake), has at all times had some notable holes in its roster, however now greater than ever, with the massive cross-branding enterprises which can be the Avengers films, the shortage of the X-Men and Deadpool is all of the extra obtrusive. 

Yesterday, nonetheless, Marvel tweeted out a sketch of an clearly X-Men helmet, with the caption "X marks the spot." Aside from implying that there is one thing to search out (ie. the 'x' on a map), the tweet is uncharacteristically cryptic for Marvel:

The drawing, in response to Screen Rant, is by Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, who stated not too long ago that "I've a brand new mission, 2019, it is an enormous X-Men crossover...It's superior...Marvel known as me up final Thanksgiving and stated, 'We need you to do an enormous story.' I stated effectively, let's examine if they're going to go for this, and I attempted to do one thing nobody has finished earlier than."  The crossover he is speaking about may very well be absolutely anything, however possibly it is the identical one that Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool, has additionally been making an attempt to get within the works by calling Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, "every single day." There's additionally the truth that the rights to X-Men are owned by Fox, who Disney is at the moment about to purchase out.