Martin delivers the video game inspired "F Morgan Freeman"


Martin, the charismatic 21-year-old rapper from Altadena, CA, releases 8-bit banger, “F Morgan Freeman”. This uniquely fun, danceable track is filled to the brim with witty pop culture references, featuring a catchy hook that is sure to have you screaming right along. Martin’s sharp flows and animated delivery mesh perfectly with catchy video game synths and upbeat drum patterns to create a fresh, engaging track. With its clever lyrics, hard-knocking instrumentation, and colorful energy, “F Morgan Freeman” is a real summertime jam! The arcade-inspired instrumental, produced by Los Angeles producer SpydaWebs, features a captivating blend energetic drum sounds, nostalgic video game synths, and a heavy, rolling bass that lends the rack its infectious groove.

The animated video was shot by Henry Lee Gonzalez



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