Marshmello & Kane Brown Go to Jail in ‘One Thing Right’ Watch


What did Marshmello do to get himself locked up? Was it the way he threw a fit at the office in the "Everyday" video? We're not sure, but he's out now, and Kane Brown came to pick him up in the "One Thing Right" music video.

It fits with the song's outlaw message, and of course, there's an element of romance to it. "One Thing Right" is, after all, a love song with a happy ending. The song peaked at No. 57 on the Hot 100 earlier this month. Not bad for a tune that happened almost by accident. Turns out, Brown had the song picked out for his debut album Experiment, but he held it back as an additional track and offered it to Marshmello after the two met during the 2018 American Music Awards. That's one thing they got right, for sure.

Come Aug. 30, the pair will perform "One Thing Right" on stage for the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series. Mark your calendars, and watch the music video for "One Thing Right." below.